As the gold standard in cooperative procurement, GOVMVMT was created to bring beneficial procurement programs to both public agencies and supplier partners. Learn more about why GOVMVMT, our story, and our services.

Is GOVMVMT a true nonprofit?

Yes. GOVMVMT is a national purchasing program in partnership with the Institute of Government Service Association (IGSA), a nonprofit organization created to provide public benefit programs for all public agencies and organizations in the public sector.

Are there any fees or obligation to utilize the program once registered?

There is no cost, no commitment, and no maximum or minimum spend requirements to participate and receive the savings and value of GOVMVMT contracts. The program is completely free to public agencies. GOVMVMT utilizes fees generated from awarded suppliers to run the program and provide public benefit projects. A participating public agency can choose to use one or all of the awarded contracts at any given time, at their own discretion.

What is the Advisory Board?

Since GOVMVMT was created to provide public benefit in the state and local purchasing arena, feedback and direction from agencies that utilize and have access to the program are vital. This feedback helps to ensure that the contracts and initiatives offered through GOVMVMT meet real needs and provide real value in the marketplace.

What is the Lead Public Agency Model?

Public agencies have many different legislative and legal requirements when it comes to cooperative procurement. Accessing or “piggybacking” another public agency’s solicited, awarded, and held contract has always been the gold standard in public procurement.

GOVMVMT partners with a true public agency (city, county, state, K-12, or higher education institution) to solicit, evaluate, award, and manage every contract offered through our public procurement program. This industry-leading process is called the Lead Public Agency Model.

How is contract compliance maintained and is an audit program implemented?

Each contract available through GOVMVMT has been competitively solicited, evaluated, and awarded by a lead public agency. Every contract is held by the lead agency and joint supplier reviews are conducted periodically throughout the year to measure value, performance, and compliance with the contract. Lead agency audits, supplier audits, and third-party audits are all utilized to ensure contract compliance. Copies of these audits can be found on the internal website under Audits.

I am a prospective supplier; how do I get a contract?

First, we appreciate your interest in our program and understand the impact a national contract in the public sector can have on your organization.

Second, if a contract related to your industry or scope of work currently exists, the opportunity to hold a contract will return during the final year of the current contract term. A formal solicitation will provide you the opportunity on the open market to respond and compete for an awarded contract.

If your specific industry or scope of work is not currently offered in the portfolio, it is likely coming soon.

For questions or supplier inquiries, please contact our Program Manager, Tyler McCall.

Tyler McCall

Who do I contact if I have questions about signing up and using a contract?

Thank you for your interest in GOVMVMT and we welcome your questions.

Our team has many years of experience in the public sector and cooperative procurement and would be happy to answer your questions in a timely manner. Please refer to our Contact page for information on our team and members’ specific contact information.

Do the offered contracts guarantee best value and scope?

Yes. GOVMVMT was created to provide nationwide cooperative contracts with world-class suppliers at the best value possible to public agencies nationwide.

During solicitation, suppliers are encouraged to offer their full suite of products and services that would properly serve GOVMVMT customers. For many suppliers, this is everything they manufacture or distribute or all of their services.

In turn, this makes due diligence and procurement streamlined for public agencies and allows staff to focus on other important tasks at hand, saving GOVMVMT customers both time and money.

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