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Government Contract Solicitations

GOVMVMT relies on our industry-leading competitive solicitation process to award cooperative purchasing contracts through the Lead Public Agency Model. Each and every one of our contracts is owned and maintained by a public agency and all of our suppliers were awarded contracts based on a fully-transparent procurement process.

We constantly look to our end using agencies for feedback and suggestions on how we can be of better service through our public procurement program. Transparency and equal partnership are at the forefront of everything we do, and we strive to better our offerings based on the needs of our partners.

If your company or organization would like to suggest a solicitation or government contract, please get in touch with the GOVMVMT team.


Open and Upcoming Solicitations

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Equipment and Related Products and Services

Lead Agency: Hillsborough County Public Schools

RFP # 24101

Issue Date: May 2, 2024

Due Date: June 10, 2024 @3pm EST

Additional Information

Equipment Maintenance Management Program

Lead Agency: University of North Florida, FL

RFP # 24-33

Issue Date: May 2, 2024

Due Date: June 4, 2024 @2pm EST

Additional Information

(MRO) Maintenance, Repair, Operating Supplies, Industrial Supplies, and Related Products and Services

Lead Agency: Cobb County, GA

RFP # 24-6800

Issue Date: December 15, 2023

Due Date: February 22, 2024 @ 12:00pm Eastern

Additional Information

We understand the power and value of strong partnerships.

If you’re interested in joining our Movement or would like to learn more about our industry-leading competitive solicitation process, please contact the GOVMVMT team today.

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