General Statutes of Connecticut

Title 7. Municipalities

Chapter 105. Fire, sewer and other districts


CONN. GEN. STAT. ANN. § 7-339a. Definitions

As used in sections 7-339a to 7-339l, inclusive, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context: “Public agency” means any municipality, as defined in section 7-148cc, of the state of Connecticut, and any local governmental unit, subdivision or special district of another state; “interlocal agreement” means an agreement entered into pursuant to said sections; “interlocal advisory board” means a board established pursuant to said sections; “participating public agency” means a party to an interlocal agreement; “legislative body” has the meaning assigned to it by section 1-1 but, where the legislative body is the town meeting, the requirements of said sections as to providing the opportunity for public comment shall not apply.

CONN. GEN. STAT. ANN. § 7-339b. Subjects of Interlocal Agreements

(a) Any public agency of this state may participate in developing and implementing interlocal agreements with any public agency or agencies of this state or any other state or states providing for any of the following:

(1) The joint performance of any function that each participating public agency may perform separately under any provision of the general statutes or of any special act, charter or home rule ordinance.

(2) The establishment of an interlocal advisory board or boards to recommend programs and policies for cooperative or uniform action in any fields of activity permitted or authorized hereunder for each participating public agency, and from time to time to advise with the appropriate officials of the participating public agencies in respect to such programs, policies or fields of activity.

(3) The establishment and maintenance of interlocal employees or officers of the participating public agencies for the purpose of administering or assisting in any of the undertakings contemplated by subdivision (1) of this subsection or for the purpose of performing services for an interlocal advisory board as authorized by subdivision (2) of this subsection. Such employees or officers, if not continuing in or eligible for the merit system, insurance and pension benefits and status of employment with a participating public agency, may continue in such status or be made eligible therefor if the interlocal agreement contains appropriate provisions to this effect. An interlocal advisory board may enter into an agreement with the federal Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide Old Age and Survivors Insurance coverage to employees of such board.

(b) Nothing contained in sections 7-339a to 7-339l, inclusive, shall be construed to authorize or permit any public agency of this state to receive, obtain, furnish or provide services, facilities, personnel, equipment or any other property or resources, or to engage in or perform any function or activity by means of an interlocal agreement, if it does not have constitutional or statutory power or authorization to receive, obtain, furnish or provide the same or substantially similar services, facilities, personnel, equipment, other property or resources, or to engage in or perform the same or a substantially similar function or activity on its own account

Title 4a. Administrative Services

Chapter 58. Purchases and Printing

CONN. GEN. STAT. ANN. § 4a-53. (Formerly Sec. 4-110c). Cooperative purchasing plans.

Purchase from person having contract to sell to other governmental or nonprofit entities or public purchasing consortia. (a) The Commissioner of Administrative Services may join with federal agencies, other state governments, political subdivisions of this state or nonprofit organizations in cooperative purchasing plans when the best interests of the state would be served thereby.

(b) The state, through the Commissioner of Administrative Services, may purchase equipment, supplies, materials and services from a person who has a contract to sell such property or services to other state governments, political subdivisions of this state, nonprofit organizations or public purchasing consortia, in accordance with the terms and conditions of such contract.